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General Information

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Code of Conduct

Upon being accepted as a Members of the Club, each Member voluntarily submits to high standards of behaviour and ethical conduct. Members are therefore under obligation to refrain from acts that are un-sporting or serve to discredit the game or our Club at all times.

All Members (and their guests) will:

  • Conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and show respect to the Club officials, other players, ground staff and pro-shop personnel.
  • Adhere to the rules and etiquette outlined in the Members Handbook (and this Website), the Rules of Golf and Golf Victoria publications.
  • Respect the golf course and all facilities.
  • Be an exemplary ambassador for the Club when representing it at VGL events and generally, including during play or attending social functions.

Any perceived serious breach of this Code of Conduct is to be brought to the notice of a member of the Committee in writing as soon as practicable. The General Committee will decide if action is warranted in accordance with this Code of Conduct and the Purpose and Rules of Association of the Camberwell Golf Club.

Dress Code


  • Must have collar attached.
  • Tank tops are not permitted.


  • Appropriate slacks, plus two’s or plus fours.
  • Jeans and track suits are not permitted.


  • Dress shorts must be worn with long socks or white sport socks.
  • Any shorts resembling football, board or abbreviated shorts are not permitted.


  • Caps must be worn with peaks forward.
  • Hats and caps are not to be worn in clubrooms.


  • Golf shoes should be worn on the course.
  • No Golf shoes to be worn in the club house after your game.
  • Neat casual dress shoes, sandals and clean joggers are permitted in the club house.
  • Thongs are not permitted.


Etiquette Rules:

  • Repair divots – ensure you have a sand bucket

  • Repair pitch marks made on greens

  • Rake the bunker as you leave

  • Do not leave buggies in front of greens

  • Make sure players in front are out of range before hitting

  • Call players through when searching for a lost ball and/or you are holding up play

  • Mark your card after leaving the green

  • Carefully read the daily competition sheet and check the Temporary Local Rules board to avoid any confusion

  • All members are required to report to the Club Rooms 30 minutes prior to your booking

Ready Golf:

The Match Committee has introduced the concept of Ready Golf at Camberwell. The intent is to speed up the game by eliminating as much waiting time as possible.

When it is safe to do so, and is clear in front, the first player ready may hit off.

Whilst observing proper etiquette, the player who is ready first may putt first and finish out


Golf Carts

Golf carts may be used in competition rounds with the permission of the Match Committee.

Use in major events will only be allowed if players request permission prior to the competition date, a doctors’ certificate may be requested.

Players 70 years and over are automatically authorized to use a golf cart.

NB. Members are permitted to use motorised golf carts free of charge. However, these carts may not be lent to other members or carry passengers under any circumstances.


We welcome guests to participate in all club events, provided they have an official handicap and pay a competition fee. Whilst guests are eligible to win daily prizes, they are not eligible for specific member events such as Order of Merit, Eclectic, Club Championships etc.

The same guest may only play five times in any twelve-month period, otherwise they must join the Club.

All events are Men’s events unless otherwise stated, e.g., mixed events apply on Mondays.


Annual subscriptions are due by 30th September of each year. If fees are not paid by the 30th November, membership will cease.

Unfinancial members will not be eligible to play in club events.

Change of address and contact details

To facilitate effective correspondence, please let the Membership Manager know of any changes to your personal details by completing the form below.

Alternatively, this can be done through MiClub on the internet by going to and following the prompts.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

General Committee Meetings

These meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month (except January) and usually commence at 7:00 pm.


Please note the event dates listed in your handbook and join other members in a social day or function.

A BBQ is prepared at lunchtime on Thursday and Saturday, with a small charge to cover costs. ALL WELCOME


All prizes are determined by the Match Committee and subject to change at any time.

Extreme weather conditions / course temporarily unplayable

The Committee will take necessary steps to cancel any round or event prior to play commencing and provide early notice wherever possible.


As the course is controlled by the Pro Shop, players are advised that it is impossible for the Committee to suspend play during any particular event once it has started. It is therefore the player’s responsibility to choose to participate in the event.

During Extreme Weather Conditions:
  • Members on course may take shelter on the course for a limited time (30 minutes maximum)
  • Members booked to play may amend their tee time with the permission of the Captain/Pro Shop

Failure to complete the round will disqualify a player from the competition.

Other related matters:

  • Players must generally comply with booked Tee Times
  • A competition is deemed to stand unless more than half the field fails to complete the round, or insufficient players (usually 10 per grade minimum) participate.

Heat Policy

If on the night prior to the competition, the evening news telecasts a weather forecast of 40 degrees or higher for the following day, the scheduled competition will be cancelled.