Camberwell Golf Club Competition Information

Competition Information

Club competition are run on most Saturdays, Thursdays and Mondays. Refer to “Club Events” for more information.

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All Club Competitions must now be entered via the Bookings facility available in the MiClub Online Bookings system.

  • Saturday competition bookings open at 10am Sunday and close 5pm Thursday.
  • Thursday competition bookings open at 10am Friday and close 5pm Tuesday.
  • Monday competition bookings open at 10am Tuesday and close 5pm Saturday.

Tee Times

  • The first group usually commences play at first light – Member Tee Times are shown clearly on the MiClub Bookings List.
  • The Captain may need to change tee times and bookings for club events, members are to recheck their bookings prior to play.
  • Players must arrive in the Clubrooms at least 30 minutes before their Booking Time.
  • Players must play in their allocated Booking Group; unless directed by the Captain or ProShop staff.

Competition Entry Fee

Once you have visited the ProShop and paid your Green Fees, members must pay their Competition fee (currently $5.50) prior to commencing play.

Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Scorecards – printing and processing

  • The most important part of your playing day is the accurate processing of your scorecard.
  • On the completion of the 18th hole members must complete their scorecard and check that you and your Marker agree on your scores.
  • In particular, ensure that you have marked all of the MiClub Auto Score Boxes to highlight each individual hole stroke result.
  • Ensure that your Scorecard is signed by both your marker and yourself.
  • Scorecards must be processed and confirmed via the MiClub Scorecard Reader located in the clubrooms alongside the Scorecard Printer.
  • Confirmed Scorecards must then be placed in the “Card Box”.
  • Non compliance of Scorecard processing can lead to disqualification for that round.


  • All cards submitted for handicap must be signed by the player and the Marker.
  • The Marker should be a registered Golf Link player. If the Marker is not a member of our club, his signature should be accompanied by his Golf Link number.
  • Social round cards can be submitted for handicap. This, along with the possible use of a non Golf Link registered marker, must be pre-arranged with our handicapper or a committee member prior to teeing off. Having so arranged, it is then compulsory for the card to be submitted for handicapping.

Local Rules

Please observe Local Rules on the back of the Camberwell Golf Club scorecards, and any amendments or Temporary Local Rules displayed on the Clubroom Noticeboard.

Competition Grades

NOTE: Grades may vary on any competition day subject to the discretion of the Club Captain or Handicapper.

Saturday: A Grade 0-16, B Grade 17-22, C Grade 23-36

Thursday: A Grade 0-20, B Grade 21-36

Monday: One grade usually applies.


NOTE: All prizes are determined by the Match Committee and subject to change at any time.

POINTS: 1 Point = $10.00 equivalent. These points accumulate to allow the purchase of Club Merchandise, Pro Shop Items or Annual Subscriptions.

THURSDAY & SATURDAY: For the best overall daily scores in individual events.

2 points for winner and 1 point for runner up in each grade event, with 3 extra points allocated for the best overall score.

AMBROSE: Thursday: 2 points for the winners and 1 point for runner ups. Monday:  points for the winners.

BALLS: Balls won are converted to vouchers … rate or 5 balls for a $10 voucher  

NEAREST TO THE PIN (NTP) for PAR 3s: On all competition rounds unless directed otherwise, but does not apply where temporary greens or tees are in play. Ball must be on the green to qualify. PRIZE: 2 Golf Balls

BALL COMPETITION – “DTL” (on Result Sheet): The club runs a Ball Competition on all Saturday and Thursday events. The best 20% of scores will win a ball “down the line” (DTL). PRIZE: 1 Golf Ball

PUTTING COMPETITION: On all Stroke rounds unless directed otherwise. PRIZE: Winner – 2 Golf Balls, Runner Up – 1 Golf Ball

HOLE-IN-ONE & EAGLES NEST: May be won in any recognized handbook event and consists of 12 golf balls. NB. Does not apply where temporary holes, greens or tees are in play.

Types of Golf Competitions (we play)


Enter score for each hole. At completion of the round add up Gross hole scores (Gross) and minus Handicap, for the Nett score. This will be your Competition Gross and Nett result. Mark up the auto score box and submit through the reader which will convert to Stableford for handicap purposes.

This does not affect the competition result which will remain Gross/Nett.

Played about 18 x Sat, 11 x Thur and 6 x Mon

4 Ball Events:

Team Event. Teams of 1 or 2 players. Group of 4 = Teams of 2.

Group of 3 = Teams of 2, with the lowest handicap player pairing with the other two players. (Swinger)

Group of 2 = Teams of 1 (allowed to mark each other’s card).


Enter score and points. Points as outlined in the current Rules of Golf book. At completion of round, mark the autoscore box with strokes taken for each hole and submit through reader. Check and confirm.

Played about 26 x Sat, 30 x Thur and 38 x Mon


Enter score on card. When score exceeds par for the hole with handicap stroke/s added, enter a minus. If equal, write “0”, if better, write “+”. If handicap cannot be beaten before holing out, pick up ball and write minus “-“. At completion of round, mark stroke score into autoscore box and submit through reader. Check and confirm.

Played about 7x Sat and 6 x Thur

4 Ball Aggregate Stableford:

Teams as per Stroke 4 Ball above. Each player to have their marker complete, sign and then submit own score card.

Write your partner’s name below yours on the autoscore card. (Do not mark partner’s card.) The opposing team member marks respective card. Enter score and points as you go. At completion of round, mark stroke score into autoscore box and submit through reader. Check and confirm. Computer will calculate team result from the 2 cards submitted. NB. All scores count for handicap purposes.

Played about 1 x Sat and 6 x Thur


A Team event of 2, 3 or 4 players where all players utilise the best shot on each hole and drop within a club length until reaching the green. All players putt out from the same position. This is a gross event with handicaps added together and divided by 1/4, 1/6 or 1/8 respectively for 2, 3 or 4 players. This is not a Golflink competition and old club scorecards/rules guidelines will be provided on the day.

Played about 2 x Thur and 2 x Mon

Season Spanning Competitions

If on the night prior to the competition, the evening news telecasts a weather forecast of 40 degrees or higher for the following day, the scheduled competition will be cancelled.

Eclectic Competition:

(NB: A minimum of four (4) rounds must be played to qualify for all Eclectic Competitions.)

A Saturday Eclectic Competition will be played in conjunction with the VGL Medal rounds.

Monday and Thursday Eclectic Competition will be played over 8 rounds, commencing on the first Monday/Thursday in March and played on the first Monday/Thursday of each month through to October.

Summer Eclectic:

A separate Thursday and Saturday Summer Eclectic competition will run for all individual competitions held on these days between 1st November and 29th February.

Order Of Merit Competition:

(NB: These events are run on all individual player competitions within these time frames. Every player within 10 strokes or points of competition winners will receive points on a sliding scale. These points are cumulative.  4BBB and Ambrose events are excluded from Order of Merit Competitions.)

The Saturday Order of Merit will be run from the beginning of March to the last round of Club Championships in October.

The Thursday Order of Merit will be run from the first Thursday in May to the last round of the Thursday Competitions in October.